President’s Message

Dear Business Partners;

On the way to success my deeply thanks to our precious employees for their attentive sacrificing efforts and contributions, to our customers for their support, to our economic and social shareholders, to our esteemed business partners both domestic and abroad.

- Cemal YILMAZ -

FfrigoBlock since 1991, adopted a modern and institutional structure to its general organization. By taking into consideration of today’s rapidly changing economic and technologic trends and with the strength we take from you, we became a brand in refrigeration systems by believing and hardworking. Our principle is being honest, fast and principled. We are aware of reponsibility of working keeping up the quality in globalizing world and international competition. Big successes are not coincidence. The common features of successes are research, development, quality and hardwork.We opened a different lane in industrial refrigeration equipments of crucial buildings and institutions in both domestic and abroad with our

Frigo Block branded refrigeration machines in industry energy efficient regulations, smart control systems and innovative designs. Additionaly we prove our Leadership by following up new technologies closely and investing in new technologies.Including food production processes, FrigoBlock which is serving almost in all steps of Cold Chain, has been taking firm steps forward to be most reputable name in food safety. Understanding the importance of our mission and in the process of realizing the mission, we carry our success outside of our country borders and become a company which can compete all over the world. Our export success in recent years is the proof of our vision.

Cemal Yılmaz

Chairman of the Board Cemal YILMAZ