CO2 (R744) Air Cooler

CO2 (R744) air coolers are produced in capacities between 5 kW and 150 kW.

Environmentally Friendly

Certificated Products

Energy Saving

CO2 (R744) Air cooler, Carbon dioxide air cooler,


Coil Features

  • 1

    High efficiency aluminum fins

  • 2

    Copper tube options in different diameters and thicknesses

  • 3

    Pressure test with 60 bar

  • 4

    Delivery with pressurized nitrogen

  • *Optionally, produced with epoxy coated aluminum fins and stainless steel pipe.

Casing Features

  • 1

    Hot-dip galvanized sheet

  • 2

    Corrosive and permanent electrostatic powder paint (RAL 7047)

  • 3

    Hinged drain tray,

  • 4

    Easy to open side cover by sliding lock

  • 5

    Ceiling mounting brackets

  • *Optionally, manufactured with stainless steel casing

Fan Features

  • 1

    Energy-efficient and silent running fans

  • 2

    The fan motors are equipped with insulation class B or F, protection class IP44 or IP54

  • * Optionally fans can be equipped with three phase motors *Optionally, air air baffle plate and hood can be added. *The power and current values given in the catalog are nominal values.