Ultrasonic Humidifier

Ultrasonic humidifier is producing cold mist and it doesn’t affect the efficiency of the refrigeration system.

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Ultrasonic humidifier unit is a humidification system that uses ultrasonic sound waves to convert water from liquid to cold vapor. After this process, the moisture is distributed in the room by an internal fan. Ultrasonic humidifiers are suitable for use in many industries. Providing right moisture level, increases production’s efficiency and sustainability and product’s quality.

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    The produced cold mist does not affect the efficiency of the refrigeration system.

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    A less than 1 micron sized droplets moves faster because of the air circulation in the room.

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    Due to this there is the same humidity level all over the room.

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    The humidity production process is quicker than the other systems.

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    High humidity producing capacity up to 9 L/hr

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    Less than 1 micron droplet size

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    With remote control panel and humidity sensor

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    Silent working

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    Automatic water re-filling with water level control

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    Automatic flushing

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    High temperature protection and warning light

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    Low water level protection and warning light

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    High water level alarm