Human Resource

We gather our strength from our human resource that is responsible, self confident, open to innovation, additional value generating, believing to high quality production and service, environment sensitive.
Our objective is to develop our qualified human resource and add the new ones to our team. In direction of our company’s strategic plans and objectives meeting human strength requirements and to utilize this strength in most efficient way and to provide continuity.
Having the consciousness that reaching our targets will be realized by the development of our human resource, we shaped our plans with the comprehension of setting targets, continuous education, evaluation, transparency and contributive working..

To reach our goals

  • Placing the health, security, efficiency of our employees at the forefront.

  • Keeping the motivation and loyalty of our employees at the first line.

  • Providing continuous education and improvement opportunities.

  • Increasing the efficiency of our employees by making career planning for them.

  • Creating equal opportunities for our employees.

  • Applying a transparent and open management philosophy for our employees.

  • Protecting monetary and spiritual rights of our employees.

  • Reviewing, updating and improving our human resources policies continuously.

Common qualifications of colleagues that we are looking for:

  • Team work skills.

  • Effective communication skills.

  • Creativity.

  • Participation.

  • Taking initiatives.

  • Courage and Self confidence.

  • Innovative and being open to change.

  • Customer oriented.

  • Self motivation and ability to motivate team members.

  • Proactive, effective and ability of quick decision making.

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