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About us

Frigo Block was founded in Istanbul in 1991. Our company has been operating in industrial refrigeration sector since its inception; It has succeeded to become a pioneering, innovative and reliable company that successfully represents our country in the manufacture and sale of refrigeration machines.

By using the expertise and R & D accumulation in the field of the year 2008, our country has established employment areas with investments contributing to its economy.

Frigo Block product range;

-Cold Room Evaporators
-Ammonia Coolers
-Air cooled condensers
-Dry Coolers
-Water and glycol air coolers
-Heat Exchangers
-Humidification and ethylene retrieval devices

It has been one of the industry's leading and most reliable companies by adding their manufacturing. Frigo Block, which gives great importance to total quality management. ISO 9001:2008 is manufacturing in quality standards. In addition, Frigo Block has accomplished a first in the sector and has HACCP 22000 certification which is a guarantee of healthy and safe food in the food sector. Furthermore, by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, the American National Accreditation Agency (ANAB) has also been awarded the ISO 10002 Customer satisfaction management System certificate.

Frigo BLOCK Vision

To be a trusted and sought-after brand in Turkey, a leader in the global market, different from its competitors
To achieve profitable and long-term sustainable growth, the target market is to increase market share from the world approach

Frigo BLOCK Mission

To provide our customers with the best products and services at all times with a reliable, innovative and pioneering approach to everything.
to act in accordance with the laws and ordinance of our country,
Always providing environmentally conscious and low energy consumption products by prioritizing environmental awareness.

Our core values

Importance given to details
Unparalleled service quality
Design Expertise
Technological and organisational innovation power
Compliance with environmentally responsible/LEED certification
Solution Partnership



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