What is Evaporator?

A nother name of the vaporizer used in refrigeration systems is evaporator. Vaporizer is also called cooling coil. Evaporator in refrigeration system is; entrance of coolant as fluid and outgoing as gas after evaporation. When the coolant fluid enter into the channels of evaporator soak up the heat from the refrigerated element or ambient and at the time soaking up it starts to boil and vaporize. At the end of these processes, evaporator realizes the general goal of all system.

What are evaporator types?

Several evaporator types are developed to meet the demands of users. The most used types are; with ventilator, cooling fans, forced convection air cooling unit. The plumbing systems which don’t have additional space are placed in the middle of two sheet metal. In the space between sheets vacuum is constituted and refrigeration is provided. These sheet metals are grouped to provide a serie of flow shell mounted.

What are the function areas of evaporators?

S heet metal type evaporators, mini refrigerators used at serial production, requirements like mineral water springs. Sheet metal type evaporators are used as mounted in groups or sets during the installation of low temperature depot places. Depending on these usage requirements of refrigeration, coolant pipes can be connected as serie or parallel. Sheet type evaporator can be used in refrigerated cargo, vessel depots and also frozen food storages. Stark pipe type cooling coil is the copper pipe that can be used to cool the air or a fluid. Steel pipe, evaporators in ammonia used systems or another type of coolants, A slim air layer is acting like a isolator and primarily based on surface space and temperature difference slowing down the heat transfer and stick on a cooling coil. Methods used to overcome or balance the transfer loss caused by this slim air layer is increasing the surface space. Paddles are added to evaporator pipes. Adding paddles do not block the air layer furthermore it increases the sticky area. But in heat transfer, without increasing the dimension provides more surface space. Another way of preventing the heat transfer loss of the air film is adding a fan or ventilator which provides the air to circulate fastly. This type of evaporator is air cooled refrigerant condenser. Depending on the design and usage of the coil, fan, the movement of air in the coil is provided by induction or forced circulation method. Using a fan provides a higher transfer from air to refrigerant in the coil. Because high quantity of air will touch the surface area of the coil. Many coil manufacturers designed the heat transfer units in a way of stunned pipe orders. By the way, by using a ventilator touch of more air volume with pipe surface or connected paddles is provided. The forced or inducted air, in certain time period prompted to leave more air heat to the refrigerant in the coil. Same as air cooled coils, fluid refrigerated coils, are designed according to the usage and application areas.