Service & Support

FrigoBlock After Sales Service Unit, not only the service, at the same time with qualified customer representatives is targeting to introduce high quality customer service, provides solutions at the right time for every kind of questions and issues. On the other hand, FrigoBlock is generating solutions for customers and market by providing proper data flow with questionnaires. You can call FrigoBlock after Sales Service 7/24 from every point of Turkey. You can benefit from the Professional service without waiting and getting tired.

Service mentality in detail

Emergency Lookout Service

We have Emergency Lookout Service which can also provide service out of the normal working hours. Almost on feasts and official holidays

Original Spare Parts

There are thousands of spare parts in our service. Every spare part changed is under the material and workmanship guarantee which is valid everywhere of the world

Online Follow-up

All applications made, are recorded to computers and followed properly. All process made on the product is followed online and applicant is informed in case of requirement.

Full Equipped Service Team

All service vehicles are equipped with newest technological maintenance and repair devices and functions as a small depot including many different spare parts and accessories

Professional Staff

Service personnel are continuously educated by professional methods with updated technical programs, seminars. By the way, periodic maintenance and repair of our products which are continuously improved and renewed is made by our expert personnel