Industrial Evaporators

Industrıal evaporators which are capable to wide ranges of cooling capacities are able to respond the demands of ındustrıal refrigerations. They contain a wide capacity range from 17,9 kW to 172,8 kW.

Environmentally Friendly

Certified Products

Energy Saving

Tag: Industrial Refrigeration Systems, Heat Exchangers


  • 1

    High Efficient Aluminium Fins

  • 2

    4-6-8-10-12 mm fin spacings

  • 3

    The copper tubes in 1/2”-5/8” in diameters

  • 4

    Working capability with 404A, R 507A ve R 134A gases

  • 5

    High pressured test in 35 bar

  • 6

    High operating pressure till to 20 bar

  • 7

    Sending by positive pressure pressing with nitrogen

They might be covered optionally with epoxy cover aluminium fin