Frigo Block History


FrigoBlock is established in Istanbul in 1991. Up to now, our company operating in industrial refrigeration sector succeed to represent our country in production, undertaking and sales subjects as a pioneer, innovative and trusted company.

As of 2008, using the expertise in the field and the R&D background and with the investments adding value to country economy, employment areas are generated. FrigoBlock became one of the leading and most trusted company by adding productions of cold room evaporators, ammonia coolers, air cooled condensers, dry coolers, water glycol air coolers into its product range.

Range of Product;
  • Cold Room Evaporators
  • Ammonia Evaporators
  • Air-Cooler Evaporators
  • Dry Cooler
  • Water and Glycol Air-Coller
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Humidification & Ethylene Absorber Equipment
FrigoBlock placing great importance to Total Quality Management is producing in accordance to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. FrigoBlock break new ground in its sector and obtained HACCP 22000 certificate which is an assurance for healthy and reliable food. Besides, FrigoBlock is entitled to get Customer Satisfaction Management System Document ISO 10002 that was given by ANAB(American National Accreditation Board) making point of customer satisfaction at any time.

Headquarter Istanbul