In the field of industrial refrigeration, I see ourselves as a leader in our country Reviewed by Momizat on . Levent Aydin, who participated in the founding partners of Frigo GROUP in 1991, has been in the contracting and project management of industrial refrigeration p Levent Aydin, who participated in the founding partners of Frigo GROUP in 1991, has been in the contracting and project management of industrial refrigeration p Rating:
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In the field of industrial refrigeration, I see ourselves as a leader in our country


Levent Aydin, who participated in the founding partners of Frigo GROUP in 1991, has been in the contracting and project management of industrial refrigeration projects both domestically and abroad during his working life, Frigoblock A.Ş. and Frigo Mechanical Co., Ltd. Other than the duties of board member, ISIB (air conditioning industry
Member of the Board of Directors of the Exporters ' Association and ISKAV (heating cooling training and research Foundation), the member of the Administrative board and the Board of Auditors (HVAC/Refrigeration HVAC Manufacturers Association). How the HVAC-r and Industrial refrigeration sectors process, export potential, energy efficiency, recycling, design in refrigeration systems and R & D, quality and standards in refrigeration groups, the world market With our reliability and the preservation of vegetables and fruits in our questions, Levent Aydin, Turkey in many projects requiring non-standard and advanced engineering, indicating that the signature of Frigo Group, "industrial refrigeration In the field we see ourselves as a leader in our country, "he said.

How do you think the sector has progressed in 25 years?
The HVAC-R sector is in an extremely good position, according to many other sectors in Turkey. About 13 percent of the production of air conditioning in Europe is produced in Turkey and sent to Europe. This indicates that Turkey has gradually become a production center for European HVAC-R products and is progressing in this position. In our success in European countries, it is a great contribution for the global giant firms operating in Turkey to buy companies or make new investments. These large companies are using Turkey as a regional production base and are exporting to Asian countries, Europe and the Middle East through Turkey. This situation is positive for both the Turkish economy and our sector. There is a culture in which Global companies are also instilred by us and there are many things that this culture teaches. The situation contributes to the growth of the sector and our success in exports. Until the 2000s, Turkey's understanding of production, exports and opening to the world was very poor. After having survived the 1998 crisis, Turkey entered a vision exchange process. The structure has also changed according to this vision. I'd say this structuring was a turning point in the sectoral sense. After the 98 crisis, we had a meeting with friends at Frigoblock's sales department and said: we need to export to survive. Until then, we didn't have a significant export number. We have created a plan and a program for us to come to an exporter company position. Reports are here; Our friends have identified their export targets as Azerbaijan, Iran and the Middle East. I said, ' you aim to export to England to Germany ' and set your strategies accordingly. We have to keep our targets high. I mean, if we could export to England, we could export to the whole world. I must confess sincerely. I never thought we'd make it when we said that. I just tried to keep the vision of the friends in the sales department wider. In the framework of the program, CE quality certificate and ISO 9001 studies started. We started to go to international fairs. Maybe 3-5 months before we made our first export to England. After that period, many sectors of our company were headed to exports. The company's export direction changed our competitiveness policies both in Turkey and all over the world. When you turn your face into the world, the standards are changing. With the experience you earn, you start to do more quality work. The exports of the HVAC-R sector in the early 2000s were around 200 million dollars, currently at a level of $4 billion. There's a 20-fold growth in between. This is proof that the continuation of this shell replacement was successful in the process.
I think.


-The HVAC-R sector is coming as you specify at the beginning of the sectors in which exports are most made. What are your predictions about the export potential of this year and the years ahead? 
The export volume of the HVAC-R sector has suffered a backward movement in the last 1 year. It's not just the performance of the sector players. In particular, the parity difference between the dollar and the euro was very effective. Because statistics are determined by dollars all over the world. For example The same amount as the Euro at the moment with two years ago
The export number of an export company seems to have decreased from 10-15 percent to USD. We now have a four billion dollar level, a sector export. Export of all sectors of our country's 2023 targets export amount of 500 billion dollars, the HVAC-R sector in this figure
His share was set at 20 billion dollars. Now I think the need to revise the 2023 targets has emerged. In this direction, we must revise the objectives of the HVAC-R sector. This revised result; We can go a little further back than $20 billion, but basically we have to say that we have a goal to increase the current situation up to 3-4 times until 2023. In 2011, these objectives were determined, while the total trade volume of the world would grow by 3-4 percent each year.
The share of Turkey exports in the world exports was around 0.8 percent. 2023 goals will be determined during this time, both the world exports, and Turkey's share of this export is thought to be raised to 1.5 percent. There's a cake in the middle. We have planned that we can increase the share we received from this cake in this process. And the world economy grew every year, so the cake was growing. But the world exports have been significantly reduced in the last 5 years. In 2011, the export volume was 18.6 trillion dollars and fell to 16.8 trillion in 2015. We are now behind our targets, despite the fact that we have upgraded the share we received from world exports.

-How do you assess the position of Frigo group in the sector? is the difference between where you want to be and where you are?
We have a production company called Frigoblock and a project and contracting company called Frigo Mekanik. While one is projetting, the other produces and finalized jobs emerge. If I have an assessment for two companies; In the field of industrial refrigeration, I see ourselves as a leader in our country. In terms of our R & D structure, staff profile and development period, I accept ourselves as a leader. Because in Turkey, almost all projects that are non-standard and require advanced engineering have our group. If you need to give an example; We did a snow-Park project a few years ago. It was a closed ski resort in Istanbul and required a very serious engineering. We had an ice museum project. They couldn't keep it commercially, it was closed, but it was our project. Istanbul's first Olympic ice rink was our project. When you look at it, we see ourselves in many of the major projects that require both engineering and diversity. Currently-we have a government tender of 80-degree rooms with the preservation of medical supplies. I hope we get a positive answer to him these days. As of today, we have finished projects in more than 60 countries. We used to set our borders as a part of Turkey, neighbouring countries, Russia, the Middle East and Africa. This border has now expanded to more than 60 countries. I am trying to share my vision for export in my own company to all the stakeholders who are members of the ISIB HVAC-R Industry Exporters ' Union, which I am a member of the Board of Directors. Three weeks ago, I went to an Australian industry fair as a visitor for the exporters ' union. We are considering moving our sector companies in Turkey to this market. We went to South Africa twice. We have participated in national participation in India. We've been to Brazil and Indonesia, and we're going to go this year. Sector
We continue to have great efforts to move to a wider market.
The numbers are variable and we can't know the exact numbers of our competitors. Therefore, it is not possible for any company to use the title of the leader in terms of sales figures. However, in terms of perspective and vision, we see our own companies as leaders in our own sector. Operating in the refrigeration sector in the HVAC-R industry
I want to draw the gold in particular. There are many giant companies on the side of heating, pump, valve, ventilation, insulation and air conditioning in Turkey. I'm expressing my leadership definition for industrial refrigeration, which is our subject.


-Increasing the consumption of frozen products in the food sector, the cooling groups are preparing the ground for new technologies to be offered to the market. What are the benefits that Frigoblock provides to the food sector and the other companies that are different from the other firms?
The main area of 75-80 percent of companies operating in industrial refrigeration; The food industry. Frozen food side develops in Turkey, but vegetables and fruits
The fresh eclipse side is improving. The population is increasing and the nutritional habits are varied. The structure and needs of the people are changing. In Turkey, the cold storage and cold storage sector is evolving accordingly. As the consciousness grows, demand for more energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious products is increasing. We can evaluate this for both frozen food and fresh product storage. We also increase our product diversity according to the demands of the sector and the world. There are two fundamental tendencies in the world right now. The first is energy saving, and the second is environmentally friendly products. We continue to work on these two fundamental lines. A product we exhibited at Sodex Fair
Had: Cascade cooling system. These products offer significant advantages in terms of energy savings and respect for nature. Kaskat cooling systems are developing in our country as well as in the world. We come to the beginning of the companies that pioneered it in Turkey. We currently have two major projects in progress: One is the Erzincan Meat Fish Association and the other is the investment of a Belgian company that manufactures bakery products in Manisa. We do both as a cascade system.. . Carbondioxide Cascade Systems do not harm the environment, but also offer significant advantages in terms of energy saving. I think the issue of Cascade system cooling will become more widespread in Turkey in the future in both fresh products and frozen products.

-According to a survey, 75 percent of the total energy in Turkey is consumed by the HVAC-R sector. What kind of precautions do you take to reduce this consumption?
First of all, this is a very remarkable figure. Because the air conditioning is all over our lives. So that's the conclusion. The largest area in the sector is the air conditioning and ventilation side. Industrial cooling is mainly about cooling a product or substance. The human factor is outside of us. However, air conditioning and ventilation in all areas of life
Have. So it's not only in Turkey, it's a much bigger sector in the whole world. There are very serious players in this area in Turkey. The more global and institutional the players, the higher the standards in this matter. For this reason, serious classifications have been formed on the air conditioning and ventilation side. But unfortunately for the cooling side, I can't say. There's a smaller market for cooling. Local and medium-sized companies like us are mainly managing the market. Unfortunately, there is a significant amount of sub-ladder production. In this case, you are struggling to establish certain norms. We continue to work in civil society organizations, but it will take time to conclude

-What do you want to say with the design and R & D studies in refrigeration systems?
What do you think we're doing in this area? It's a very difficult subject. Shortly after Isib's workshop, Tim (Turkish Exporters ' Assembly) held a meeting in Antalya. There were also presentations on different topics within the Program. I'd like to share some of the presentation of a valuable teacher there. "In the last 10 years, 40 million people in Turkey have changed their lives. 26 coaches have changed in the last 27 years on a football team in the first Division. There have been numerous changes in the bureaucracy in the last 10 years in Turkey. These figures show us: we are not resident as Turkish nation, we are still a nomadic collective. In nomadic societies it is difficult to plan for 10-20 years after that. Nomadic societies think about what to do after a maximum of one week, never planning a long-term future. " Based on the design and R & D of this example, we can say that we are not able to do long-term planning as Turkish companies covering long working periods in our design and R & D. If you are currently starting an R & D study; After 2 years, you have to calculate that the work will be completed and that product will go on the market. There are serious differences between the investment in R & D and the incentives given by the state to R & D, of course, 10 years ago and now. Surely there are significant developments, but we need a lot of road in R & D and product design. As the world's developed countries provide developments, follow and implement developments in this regard, we also see how far behind we can follow. When we look at our own company, we have the same situation
I see. Our R & D team has been present for years. This team is working on new product designs and energy efficiency. But I think the sector has more Mexicans. Of course, I leave a few big companies out of it. We have companies that make R & D a separate company in our sector. They swell our breasts in terms of both our sector and our country. Our state has serious incentives available. The continuation of these incentives increases the R & D activities of small and medium-sized companies, especially
The development of the

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-How do you assess the quality and standards of Turkey's position when comparing large refrigeration groups in the world with those in Turkey?
The most important part of refrigeration is the compressor. Industrial refrigeration compressor is not produced in Turkey. Anyway, there are too many producers in the world to cross the fingers of a hand. We import the compressor from abroad. However, Turkey is a good center for the production of all refrigeration equipment except compressor. It has a serious production and engineering potential. We do not produce the compressor; We take from the developed countries of the world but in other products we see that we are in front of our foreign competitors as both price and engineering solutions. We are a country with a lot of courage as a Turkish nation. We have a very high capacity to take risks. We have a very elastic structure. We can produce and react very quickly in the face of problems. This feature gives us an advantage in international competition. In many international industrial refrigeration projects, Turkey companies are undertaking projects with the Western country's competitors, and with success, these projects

-Can we learn your thoughts on the reliability of companies in the world market?
I think this issue is very important in terms of competition. However, ensuring the credibility of the companies is the reliability of the countries. Turkey's reliability image on the world is so important; Directly affects the export performance of our country. Turkey's friendship and peace relations with the whole world are very important. We are currently experiencing political problems with many countries.
As soon as possible, we must overcome these problems and strengthen the image of Turkey's democratic, transparent and legal state in the world. Of course, it is vital that we get rid of the terror in our country as soon as we can. If we can accomplish this, we will increase the power of Turkish companies in our export activities.

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