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The promise of fruit storage technology

Atmospheric controlled room

Frigoblock Board member Levent Aydin, according to the opinions of the field Greenhouse magazine Pınar Yıldız wrote the article…

The promise of technology in fruit storage

A period of fruit stored in simple natural warehouses is now preserved in areas where the atmosphere can be controlled. Thus they can preserve both their quality and taste and their nutritional value. This gives them competitive advantage in the domestic and foreign markets.

A large weight of today's nutritional diets consist of vegetables and fruits. Moreover, this demand for vegetables and fruits is moving along with the healthy nutrition trend and the demand will increase in the coming years. Of course, your desire. Nevertheless, despite the rise in both demand and supply, it is still feared that the desired data from fresh fruits and vegetables cannot be taken. What's wrong with the seed selections is what the wrong choices in plant protection and feeding products are behind this. The main reason is that the fruits are easily deteriorable, and after the harvest, they have to undergo significant losses for both physiological and pathological reasons.

At this point, storage under favorable conditions is of great importance because it greatly reduces the waste. As a matter of fact, the cold chain network has been determined to produce a total of 40 percent of the waste in fruit production.

Fruit storage is no longer a science

Turkey has very favorable conditions for the production of fruits in various regions and fertile agricultural lands in different climate zone. Especially in the period until the 2000s, the habit of consuming fruit has also developed mainly towards fresh product consumption. On the other hand, the importance of storage increased due to increased migration to major cities, changes in production and shipping costs, and various commercial factors. And when this happens, the fruit storage is now a science. The function of living in the storage process of the fruit continues; The functions such as temperature, humidity, air speed, cooling speed, ethylene control, oxygen level, CO2 control are required to be controlled according to the product to be stored. Noting that these functions contain different values for each product, according to the board member of Frigo Block, Levent Aydin, it is a fundamental requirement to determine the subject as a specialist provider of the warehouse designer and contractor in order to achieve a successful outcome.

Has different methods

There are different methods of storing the fruit in question. First of all, simple natural warehouses. This type of storage is made using the cold air outside the night and day temperature difference in the areas where the cold night air cooling is done. The biggest drawback of such warehouses is that storage time is shorter than other storage types where temperature control can be achieved. In cold storage tanks, mechanical cooling is done and the temperature of the storage air is controlled by the proportional humidity. When using ammonia and freon as refrigerant in the cooling system; This substance is circulating in the tank in the pipe, making liquid from solid state, then turning into gas and taking ambient temperature and cooling. In the modified atmosphere, storage is also being taken from the environment for the composition of a different atmosphere than the normal atmosphere around the product or adding gas.

New technologies are activated

If the expert hands and modern technologies come together in the field, it is unlikely that the fruit will be casualising in the storage phase. In particular, recent developments in this area make the fruits come to the consumer table without being harmed. One of the latest technological developments in the storage of fruit "atmospheric control applied cold stores." In the cold warehouses with this technology, sealed rooms are formed and the oxygen level inside the room is controlled. Thus, printing on the product slows down the metabolism of the product and thus prolongment the storage time. "In these warehouses, which are also defined as low oxygen, the product is kept under control by the respiratory and ethylene secretion and protection without sacrificing the quality of the product for longer," Aydin said, however, the storage of the product above all else It emphasizes that the controls in the stage are of great importance.

David Allen

The loss of quality and therefore the reduction of the product's sales price to one side, only due to water loss of weight loss that will arise with the industrial warehouses can reach the values expressed in tones.

Humidity control is of critical importance

The fulfillment of the storage conditions in accordance with the book is very important for the fruit to preserve its shape and freshness. Otherwise, the emergence of a number of problems becomes inevitable. At the beginning of the errors in the fruit storage, moisture control will be determined according to the needs of the product. In the case of insufficient moisture control in the tank, losses can occur in the amount of water contained within the product. This loss causes both product weight reduction and loss of quality. "The loss of quality and therefore the decrease in the sale price of the product to one side, only water loss due to the loss of weight in the industrial warehouses can reach the values expressed in tones. On the other hand, when the harvest period of the fruit is considered economically, the product prices begin to rise gradually. If storage conditions are required, the storage time of the product is longer, "Aydin said, noting that it allows the upgrade of the added value on the product. However, before proceeding to the storage phase of the product to be able to repair the quality loss of the correct storage technologies and underlining that the outcome can not be successful, therefore, harvest, the product is transported to the warehouse, storage in the warehouse shape, He thinks that stages such as liquidation of the product should be followed with precision. At the same time, it is important to monitor the product during storage and to monitor the changes in the product during storage with the sampling method.

Special storage for every fruit

On the other hand, there are some difficulties in storing fruit. The biggest challenge in this matter is that the product continues to live within the storage period, while another issue is that each fruit carries its own unique warehousing needs. For example, it is possible to store products such as apples, which continue to mature after harvesting, until they are collected and eaten in the harvest death. For this reason, these fruits can be stored in a long term; Apple can stay in the cold storage for 6 months. However, since fruits such as fig, strawberries and berries do not mature after harvesting, these products need to be collected in the death of eating, and therefore these fruits that are easily impaired can not be stored for a long time. On the other hand, the degree of maturity on storage time can also be effective. For example, in yellow lemons, the storage time not exceeding a month can be up to 5 months in green lemons. Depending on the type of product; humidification, ventilation, ethylene control, CO2 control and fast cooling needs to be said Aydin, the fruit store is not designed according to the correct criteria for the product to remain out of use in case of various damages He's recording it. Likewise, the product's reaction in the process of coming out of the warehouse to reach the point of sale and the appropriate shelf life at the point of display can be provided with the right storage conditions. According to Aydin, the biggest mistake in the application is not to provide the appropriate conditions in the storage area. This situation is caused by a lack of information, on the other hand, is causing efforts to reduce the cost of investment. However, it is also a fact that the effort and investment to be spent in the right storage will soon return to the investor as a gain.

Competitive Advantage

The high quality, taste and nutritional values of the fruits grown by a thousand penance are of great importance to the consumers until they reach the consumer. The way to achieve this depends on the right cultural practices, the care of the harvest and the appropriate post-harvest applications. Especially the correct storage conditions are very critical in this process. And it's not just the domestic market, it's affecting the global market. Because the fruit that preserves the quality and will be available on time to market, can find buyers from all parts of the world and provide the manufacturer with competitive advantage. Therefore, the products must be stored in warehouses designed under appropriate conditions and presented to the market without losing quality.

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