Frigoblock continues its new product and product development efforts Reviewed by Momizat on . The market share in the HVAC-R sector, the development of the growing cooling group and the latest technology new products, Frigoblock board member Levent Aydin The market share in the HVAC-R sector, the development of the growing cooling group and the latest technology new products, Frigoblock board member Levent Aydin Rating:
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Frigoblock continues its new product and product development efforts

The market share in the HVAC-R sector, the development of the growing cooling group and the latest technology new products, Frigoblock board member Levent Aydin and Frigoblock R & D director Dr. Deniz Yilmaz talked. Levent Aydin and Dr. Deniz Yılmaz, who provide informative answers to the questions we are directing, also made statements about the new products that can make cooling under-80 degrees.


The market share of industrial refrigeration equipment in the world is at a level of 28 billion dollars. Since Turkey is a Mediterranean country, it makes the use of refrigeration devices widespread. Do you think Turkey can reflect its potential, capacity and export rates?
L.A.: I want to answer your question with the figures of Isib (HVAC-R Industry Exporters Association). HVAC-R sector in Turkey; Heating, cooling, air conditioning, ventilation, installation and insulation consists of a combination of 6 business branches. When we looked at the cooling section of this business, our net exports of 2016 years amoundered to 530 million dollars. We have not yet received the world export figures for the year 2016, but if we are based on the 28 billion dollars you have set, we can say that 1,78% of world exports are realized by our country. Our country accommodates about 1% of the world's population. As a country that constitutes 1% of the world's population, we can say that we are succeeding 1,78% of world exports in our sector and that we have achieved over 78% of the world average.

How do you assess the location of the Turkish refrigeration sector in the Middle East? What opportunities do you think the Middle East has for Turkey and how can they be used?
L.A.: Turkey's refrigeration sector has long been among the most important players in the Middle East. In recent years, the political problems in the region are inherently affecting the exports of our country negatively, but I hope that; When political stability is achieved, especially the Syrian and Iraqi markets will have markets that will have an indispensable and crucial potential for Turkey.
2016 has been a year in Turkey and in the world with significant developments. In addition to the economic slowdown in the world, the increase of terror events, the impact initiative on July 15th, the presidential elections in the United States, and the rising dollar, as well as events, how to contribute to the cooling sector Are you evaluating? L.A.: It's unlikely to say what the US elections are going to bring yet, but all the other developments you have expressed are not only in the refrigeration industry, but in almost all sectors
There have been developments that make effect. We do not have the power to lead the developments in the world, but we can direct developments in our country. Our country's democratic,
Transparent, having good relations with other countries and being a trustworthy country is the biggest support behind our exporters.

How do you assess the market share and position of frigoblock in the sector? What types of solutions does your product range offer?
L.A.: Frigoblock is among the most important players in our country in the field of industrial refrigeration. We are one of the leading companies in both the domestic and export side. Hundreds of industrial refrigeration areas
Besides being a standard product, we also provide engineering works to meet the specific needs. In general, we offer industrial refrigeration solutions in the need of food facilities, sports facilities, logistics-storage sector and agriculture sector.

DEEPAK KUMARWhat are the differences and advantages of two-stage cooling systems according to the single stage? Does your new product, which can be cooled under your-80 C, have these advantages? Can you share detailed information about your last product?
-80 °c According to ASHRAE definition, it enters the ultra-low temperature class. Ultra
Low temperature levels are very difficult to achieve with single stage cooling systems. Therefore, as in this study, two-stage cooling systems must be used.

In this device, a two-stage cooling cycle was created using two different F-gases in high temperature and low temperature cycles. Since the temperature values are very different from the values encountered in the standard, the selection of suitable equipment and materials has become very important in the design and production phases. Because products that are planned to be stored are of critical importance
Additional safety equipment and systems are added to the device to keep the desired room temperature constant and continuous. In addition, a comprehensive automation and control system has been developed. After the design and production phases, tests were carried out in the test environment established in our factory before the delivery of the product. In these tests, the actual working environment of the product
and by ensuring the conditions, measurements such as pressure, temperature and design and working conditions were ensured. Low capacities in our country and in cabin size environments, ultra-low
Production of devices that provide temperatures. However, cold storage dimensions and high capacity systems are not produced. Various public and private sector organizations will work at ultra-low temperatures, especially those devices that have high capacities for storing biological products such as vaccines, blood, pharmaceuticals, stem cells, were supplied from abroad. As a result of this study, it was possible to perform the production of local facilities instead of these systems purchased from abroad.

Will you have new products and systems other than this new product in the year 2017?
D.Y.: our R & D unit continues its activities in both new products and existing product development. We are currently working on new products for humidification and ventilation

Can you talk about your export volume and its contribution to the sector and the Turkish economy?
L.A.: We continue to develop the export vision we started in the early 2000s every year. In the last year, we aim to bring our export rate of 50% to 60% this year. In the first years, the export works started with neighbouring countries, then expanded to Europe, Gulf region, North Africa regions, and this day all the world markets have been included in the scope of our interest for us. Geography from South America to New Zealand, from South Africa to northern Europe, is within our target market. I can express that the sector's valuable export companies, such as our company and our firm, have contributed significantly to our sector. Firstly, our company's successful projects in various regions of the world, besides our company gives prestige to the refrigeration sector in Turkey. Ultimately Successful projects abroad are Turkey and turkey refrigeration sector projects. Furthermore, we use our energy for export, exchange our country, contribute to the reduction of our current account deficit and also positively affect the competition conditions in the domestic market in our sector.

The consumer of the refrigeration sector is now more conscious than in the past years. What do you think should be done on both the individual and sectoral roofs in order to further increase this consciousness?
L.A.: If we leave corporate firms aside, I still can't say that the consumer is conscious. Besides consumer consciousness, public regulations are insufficient for our sector. There is no infrastructure requirement to be an industrial cold storage contractor today. Whereas a cold storage tank, where food products are kept, is a threat to a negative impact on community health. Even though it is necessary to open a barbershop today, no qualification is sought in the construction of an industrial cold storage tank. Although there are no obligations related to the design of industrial refrigeration systems, the incentive mechanism also
. The largest expense in industrial refrigeration systems is the cost of energy. However, the absence of any obligation or incentive for energy efficiency allows for cheap and poor quality facilities instead of technological facilities.

After-sales services are now among the departments that the whole sector attaches importance to. Whether the customer is satisfied at this point is important. What are your studies on this subject?
L.A.: We, as Frigoblock, have aimed to be honest with our customers and employees and to do the right things before our 30 years of company lives. I see we can accomplish this principle. I do not believe we have a sharp distinction with other companies in our sector. Many valuable sector companies aiming to do the right things like us
are. We continue our way with the awareness that we are responsible for our own company.

What are your predictions for the year 2017? Can you tell me about your work on both product and growth and new investments?

L.A.: 2017 year will not be an easy year for our sector. Companies that invest in technology, can make a difference, can operate in the world markets will continue their way. We do not plan to invest outside of marketing investments, but we do not expect a year worse than 2016.

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