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Frigo Block Cooling-80 ˚ C Record

Frigoblock Sogutma Sistemleri San. TIC. Inc. Board member Levent Aydin

Frigoblock Sogutma Sistemleri San. TIC. Inc. R & D Manager Deniz Yilmaz

Founded in Istanbul in 1991, Frigoblock A.Ş. operates in the industrial refrigeration sector since its inception. Today, the production of approximately 12 thousand M2kapalı area and its products from Chile to New Zealand, Frigoblock,-80 ˚ C and under a new device capable of cooling developed. Technical details about the device, the company's board member Levent Aydin and R & D director Deniz Yilmaz listened to…

Can we recognize your company? When and where was the company founded? Can you tell me about your company structure?

Our production company, Frigoblock, was founded in Istanbul in 1991. However, if we take coverage of our project-contracting company, Frigo Mekanik, we can say that our group has been operating on industrial refrigeration for nearly 30 years. In the early years, we were operating on the axis of engineering-import-contracting with our group companies. Over time we have created our own production plant, R & D unit, and today we have risen to a position that makes production in about 12 thousand m2 closed area and delivers its products from Chile to New Zealand. Our project-contracting company in industrial refrigeration systems, Frigo Mekanik is also successful in both our country and the world in every region.

Can you provide information about your product groups?  

We manufacture machinery and equipment for industrial refrigeration systems. We produce monobloc, split type, industrial type, central system cooling machines used for volume cooling. In addition, cold water generation groups, snow production, ice rink equipment, ultrasonic humidification units and ethylene retrieval devices are also in our production pens.

-80 ˚ C and below can you share detailed information about your last product that can make refrigeration?

It enters the ultra-low temperature class according to the ASHRAE definition of-80 °c. Ultra-Low temperature levels are very difficult to achieve with single stage cooling systems. Therefore, as in this study, two-stage cooling systems must be used.

-80 Cooling device

In this device, a two-stage cooling cycle was created using two different F-gases in high temperature and low temperature cycles. -80 °c for the room temperature in the low temperature cycle-86 °c The design requirements were determined according to the evaporation temperature. Since the temperature values are very different from the values encountered in the standard, the selection of suitable equipment and materials has become very important in the design and production phases. Since the products that are planned to be stored are of critical importance, additional safety equipment and systems have been added to the device to keep the desired room temperature constant and continuous. In addition, a comprehensive automation and control system has been developed. After the design and production phases, tests were carried out in the test environment established in our factory before the delivery of the product. In these tests, measurements such as pressure, temperature, and design and working conditions were achieved by ensuring the actual working environment and conditions of the product.

Can you provide information on the advantages and specifications of this product, according to the equivalent products on the market?

In our country, in low capacities and cabin sizes, the device production is made that provides ultra-low temperatures. However, cold storage dimensions and high capacity systems are not produced. Various public and private sector organizations will operate at ultra-low temperatures, especially in the high capacities they need in the storage of biological products such as vaccines, blood, medicines, stem cells, these devices are supplied from abroad. As a result of this work, the production of these systems purchased from abroad with the local facilities will be carried out due to the potential to reduce the dependence of the outward. In addition, the opportunity to sell such products through exports to countries where they are needed will also emerge over time.

In line with the F-gas regulation, the gradual use of refrigerants with high global warming potential is restricted and banned over time. As Frigoblock, we are monitoring a policy that accelerts the transition to natural fluid systems in this context. Although low-level F-gas is a fluid with high global warming potential, the systems operating under-50 °c and below are exempt from the F-gas regulation, so our product does not have a problem in compliance with the relevant standards. .

What are the certificates that the product (if any) has?

As with all products of frigoblock, this product is also in accordance with European Union norms and manufactured as CE branded. We also have a patent application covering all the features and technical specifications of the product and we expect the result.

Can you tell me about your production space, capacity and number of staff?

We are continuing our production activities in our production facility, which is located in approximately 12 thousand m2 closed area in Tekirdag. We have production capacity of about 10,000 units/year cooling group and 1 million m2 heat exchanger manufacturing capacity. Our production facility employs 110 staff but we have 200 employees with R & D, sales, project, contracting and administrative staff.

Can you provide information about your after-sales technical services?

Our after-Sales service unit includes our central organization and our service agency across the country. We have the competence to provide service from approximately 60 different points in our country.

Can we get your export information? Can you tell us about your reference projects where domestic and overseas products are used?

We can say that our company is an export oriented organization. Currently, exports constitute 50 percent of our total sales, and in 2018 we aim to be a company that exports 60 percent. So far, we have over 5,000 completed references. Algida Konya ice cream production facility in Turkey, our country's first ammonia + CO2 cooling plant, UNO Bakery products facility, our country's only Snow Park Snowpark, our country's first ice museum (currently not operating), Istanbul's only Olympic ice skating facility We can count the Silivrikapi ice rink among our references. We are now completing the 80 ˚ C refrigeration plant by adding a new one to these projects. We have signed many projects abroad. We can count projects such as Coca Cola Iraq, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan projects, 8 thousand tons of Moscow logistics depot, 10,000 tons of Kazakhstan potato store, all the cool rooms of the Sochi Olympics.

Will you have new products and systems other than this new product in the year 2017?

Our R & D unit continues its activities in both new products and existing product development. We are currently working on new products for humidification and ventilation.

How do you assess the development of the industrial refrigeration sector?

Industrial refrigeration sector is among the highly developed sectors of our country. Today, our companies are successful projects in every corner of the world. In the field of production and engineering, we have a great competitive advantage over the developed countries, while in-place application, in the case of advanced countries. But we have to emphasize that in particular; For the development of the sector, exports must be strong. Our success abroad is directly proportional to our credibility. The reliability of our companies is perceived in parallel with the credibility of our country. Our country's democracy, transparency, good relations with our neighbours, the steps to be taken to enter the European Union will give our sector companies strong in the world markets.

What are your expectations since 2017?

In 2017, the contraage in the domestic market is showing itself. As Frigoblock, we have concentrated our marketing activities abroad and especially in distant countries.  Africa, South America and the Asia-Pacific region constitute significant potential. Our expectation since 2017 is to maintain our current sales volume in the country and increase our turnover abroad.

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