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Factors affecting cold storage quality

Cold room, special meaning of food items can be stored in normal conditions for longer periods of time to hide in the appropriate conditions, cooled and moisture condition controlled, external atmosphere, heat and moisture gain from the isolated neighborhoods Identifiable. The aim in the cold storage tank should be to ensure the temperature and relative humidity as much as possible, albeit very short term, ...

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The promise of fruit storage technology

Frigoblock Board member Levent Aydin, according to the opinions of the field Greenhouse magazine Pınar Yıldız wrote the article... The promise of technology in fruit storage A period of fruit stored in simple natural warehouses is now preserved in areas where the atmosphere can be controlled. Thus they can preserve both their quality and taste and their nutritional value. This gives them competitive advanta ...

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Frigo Block to boost effectiveness in overseas markets

Frigo Block was established in Istanbul in 1991 and started its activities in the area of refrigeration systems; Today in Tekirdag factory with a closed area of 12,000 m2; The annual 10,000 unit cooling group has reached the capacity of producing 1 million m2 heat exchangers. The success of the companies by telling our magazine, giving information about the objectives of the board member of Frigo Block Leve ...

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Frigoblock continues its new product and product development efforts

The market share in the HVAC-R sector, the development of the growing cooling group and the latest technology new products, Frigoblock board member Levent Aydin and Frigoblock R & D director Dr. Deniz Yilmaz talked. Levent Aydin and Dr. Deniz Yılmaz, who provide informative answers to the questions we are directing, also made statements about the new products that can make cooling under-80 degrees. ...

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Frigo Block Cooling-80 ˚ C Record

Frigoblock Sogutma Sistemleri San. TIC. Inc. Board member Levent Aydin Frigoblock Sogutma Sistemleri San. TIC. Inc. R & D Manager Deniz Yilmaz Founded in Istanbul in 1991, Frigoblock A.Ş. operates in the industrial refrigeration sector since its inception. Today, the production of approximately 12 thousand M2kapalı area and its products from Chile to New Zealand, Frigoblock,-80 ˚ C and under a new d ...

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Types of food Storage

Low temperature storage of foods  Today, the increase in demand for fresh and natural consumption of foods has increased the importance of cold storage among food preservation methods. During the cold storage, chemical reactions and enzymatic activities are delayed in foods, the proliferation rates of microorganisms and their activities are slowing down, hence the duration of the food's durability is lo ...

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Considerations for the Shock!

  Products to be kept for a long time in terms of food safety the core temperature should be shocked to-18 °c and then taken to the frozen enclosure chamber. The shock process is to ensure that the product is frozen to the core starting from external wall by passing the product at high speed (5 m/s) cold air (-35 °c...-45 °c). • The shock process should be done as quickly as possible. • Depending on the pro ...

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Special safety instructions for refrigeration devices

-the parts that carry pressurized gas in industrial refrigeration devices are made of material that will withstand internal and external strain. There is no danger of Normal use. However, during installation, maintenance and adjustment, the impact of gas-carrying pipes, hoses and vessels reduces the safety of the machine. A compelling and destructive effect should not be made to these parts with tools and e ...

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Considerations for the use of cold rooms

During the operation of the designed cold rooms, a number of considerations must be considered: -The cold rooms should be used in accordance with the design parameters. -5 °/+ 5 °c to the rooms designed according to the working conditions, damp and excessive hot material should not be put. --10 °/-25 °c to the rooms designed according to the working conditions, unfrozen products should not be placed. -If th ...

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Frigo Group promotional film is online!

The "Frigo Group" promotional film, including Frigo Block, Frigo mechanic and Frigo Refrigeration, was created in the industrial refrigeration industry for over 30 years. The film, which takes about three and a half minutes, features elements belonging to each company in the group. Frigo Block Refrigeration in Tekirdag-Muratlı in the images starting with the production facilities with a closed are ...

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